The Different Components Used In a Steel Building

A large number of parts go into any building to make sure it is structurally sound and resistant to wind, weather and wear. Metal buildings use largely prefabricated components that can be assembled very easily and quickly. Anyone who is interested in a steel building should understand the different components used in the structure.

Girts and Girders

Girts are girders are the horizontal steel beams that run through a building. These beams generally run through every wall. There are usually two or more levels of girts and girders in each building depending on the size. A girder is a heavy beam that helps to distribute the weight from the vertical columns. Girts help to stabilize the building and prevent bowing. A girt is normally attached to a column that is part of a sidewall or end wall. Paneling is usually attached to girts.


The rafter is a long and heavy beam that provides the main form of support for the roof. The rafter is one of the strongest parts of the building. Most steel buildings have rafters with vertical and horizontal elements. The rafter is like a frame. The legs sit on the ground or foundation and arch upward across the roof. A building can have anywhere from one to four or more rafters.


Purlins are beams that are part of the roof system in a metal building. Purlins usually run the length of the building between opposing walls in one direction only. The main job of a purlin is to provide support for the roof panels so that they are not directly attached to rafters. Purlins also help to distribute the weight of the roof to the walls and frame of the building. Most steel structures have a large number of purlins along the roof.


The columns are the vertical beams that form the basis for the frame of the entire building in the corners. Columns are commonly seen in the front and rear walls of the building where the rafters are not providing vertical support. The columns support much of the weight of the building that is not held by the rafters. Columns come in many different lengths even within the same building because they can appear on top of doorframes and along walls with variable lengths due to the pitch of the roof.

Wall Panels and Roof Panels

The exterior of the building is made from wall panels and roof panels. These are the actual steel panels that cover the outside and protect the interior of the building. Steel panels are usually corrugated for added strength. The panels come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Some can be treated to reflect sunlight. Others have insulation attached during manufacturing. Steel buildings can have both exterior and interior wall panels depending on the design. Panels can usually be replaced relatively easily if damaged.


Trim is a component that helps to improve the appearance of a building and seal gaps. Trim is usually used along corners and other areas where the panels intersect or end. A ridge cap is a piece of trim that runs along the spine of the roof panels to seal them. Most buildings have a large number of pieces of steel trim.


The Advantages of Using Stainless Steel in Construction

Stainless steel is becoming more commonly seen in construction every year. The alloy has many properties that make it a good choice when creating a frame or constructing an entire building. It is also used to creating prefabricated buildings that can be erected quickly in nearly any location. Stainless steel is used in construction because the alloy provides a variety of different benefits.

Resistant To Corrosion

Many types of building materials today from wood to drywall and some metals will corrode over time. Some start to corrode just from the construction and building process. Stainless steel is resistant to most forms of corrosion. The surface of the alloy contains a thin natural coating that helps to prevent oxidation from penetrating the material. Even corrosion that forms on the surface often does not penetrate and affect the structure of the steel. Buildings and frames made from stainless steel will last for a very long time.

High Strength and Ductility

Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials that can be used in construction today. It can be used for everything from rafters to sidewalls. The alloy has exceptional properties and can withstand large loads. This has allowed steel buildings to be constructed without needing multiple interior columns or supports that take up extra space. Stainless steel also has high ductility. This means the alloy will actually stretch when exposed to tensile stress. This is a good property since most materials with low ductility will simply snap or break apart under stress causing a building to fail.

Little Response to Temperature Changes

Porous building materials like wood and concrete respond poorly when temperatures change during the day or from season to season. Part of this is because they absorb a certain amount of moisture from the air. The expansion and contraction of these materials can slowly cause damage to a building. Stainless steel does not respond in the same way to temperature changes. Stainless steel changes very little even when temperatures shift dramatically. This allows a steel building to remain stable for decades.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

It takes some effort to find versatile building materials today that are sustainable and environmentally friendly while still being cost-effective. Stainless steel is one of these materials. Close to 100 percent of steel alloy can be recycled. Any waste from manufacturing can be converted back into steel. Demolition of steel buildings does not send more waste to local landfills. Steel is also an alloy that uses recycled and commonly available elements. It does not have the same environmental impact as harvesting wood or producing composites from petroleum products and chemicals.

Lightweight and Versatile

Stainless steel is a versatile material. It can be used to create nearly every part of a building from the exterior walls to the rafters and trim. It can be formed into almost any shape. The surface can be treated or painted to give the building an attractive and distinctive appearance. Steel is also a lightweight material. This makes it easy to transport steel to a construction site and to work with steel while erecting a building.


Inexpensive Ways to Protect Your Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are one of the best ways to protect items you wish to store. That is because these types of buildings are strong and resistant to the elements. Also, since steel is such a versatile metal, it can be used to create buildings of all shapes and sizes. However, just like any other type of building, a steel structure has to be well maintained. If it is, then it will last for years to come. Here are a few ways that you can go about protecting your building without having to spend a sizeable amount of money.

Rush-inhibiting Finishes

One of the best things that you can do to prolong the life of your steel building is to apply a rust-inhibiting finish to it. Applying one of these finishes to steel helps protect it from corrosion. Protecting your building from corrosion is of the upmost important because this is the process of which the iron in steel is oxidized. As a result of corrosion, steel becomes weaker and thinner over time. This can lead to holes in your building and to the eventual collapse of the building altogether. If the presence of corrosion is too great, there is no way to reverse the process because the steel is being consumed. This leaves you with little choice but to replace the entire building, which can be expensive.

Regular Inspections and Maintenance

This may seem like a simple step, but it is one of the most necessary to keep your steel construction in proper form. At least once a week, perform a manual inspection of your steel structure. Look for rust that is starting to form on the roof, sides and doors. You should also check your building after storms to make sure no damage has been done. Avoid setting heavy things against the side of your building. Although steel is strong, it has the tendency to dent easily. Repeated denting of steel weakens it and leaves it vulnerable to tearing.

Waterproof Your Building With Caulk

Protecting the outside of your steel building from water is just as important as protecting the inside. However, steel buildings do not always have the tightest seals. This can lead to water getting into your building. Over time, this will lead to water damage taking hold of the floors. The best way to prevent this is to use caulk to fill in all of the seals around your steel construction. Make sure that the caulk you buy is made for use on metals. Most silicone caulk that is designed to be used on aluminum and metal has a high tolerance for heat and cold. Try your best to plan your application of caulk during a time when it is not scheduled to rain. It is best to let caulk dry a full 24 hours before it comes into contact with water. That being said, there are some newer formulas of caulk that set in as little as three to four hours. Fully read the instruction on the caulk before using.


Five reasons to fall in love with building a steel garage

Wooden structures dot the landscape of our fair country. Houses generally have wooden frames with everything else built on top. I’m of the opinion that steel structures are better for everyday use. Most people can’t rebuild their house with a steel frame, but they can when putting up a new garage. The problem is that many don’t understand why anyone would build a steel structure next to a wooden house. Scouring twitter feeds has lead to some interesting ideas on why people should build a steel garage.

No Termites

Although any structure will have to deal with some kind of vermin, be it of the insect or human type, steel structures do not attracted termites. These little bugs are a pain to remove. Termites can be found all over the country so a steel garage would be effective almost anywhere in the USA.

Long Lasting

The fact is that metal lasts longer than wood. While wood structures around the world disintegrate in to nothing, metal structures withstand the test of time and stay upright. A steel garage is an investment that will probably last beyond your own mortality. Your kids will have a place to grow up and work. Your grandkids and great grandkids can come to understand you by visiting the structure. A steel garage can last for generations.

Weather Resistant

Weather that will knock over a wooden house will break against a steel garage. With so much inclement weather hitting the country, it is good to have a building that withstands the storms and rains. A steel garage can act not only as a great place to store a car and work on projects, but also to keep the family out of the storm if something happens to the house. A garage is a multipurpose building. A steel garage can help make that even more of a reality.

Easier to maintain

With the rotting of wood and disintegration of beams, it is hard to keep a house in tip top shape over the course of years. There is much to maintaining a house and keeping it stable over decades. A steel garage is mostly build it and forget it. The beams and structure are made to be low maintenance and last for years at a time.

Is a good DYI project

Most Steel Garages can be erected and put together on your own time. These kits will come the right instructions that will lead you step by step through the process. This construction project can be one built with friends and family, so the finished project can be a point of pride. The kids that helped build this will know what it is like to construct something with their own hands. As they grow older, this pride can be passed down to their own kids. A steel garage might just seem like a mere building to some. The reality is that it can be a memorial to the love and dedication of family and friends.


Ways to Dress Up a Steel Building

People have started using metal sheds for a wide range of purposes. From using them to store beloved personal belongings in to actually living in them, steel buildings have become quite common on many home properties. They are great low-cost alternatives when compared to storage rental units. In addition, they can be accessorized according to a homeowner’s needs, meaning their functionality can be enhanced.

If you’re wondering how to turn your existing or current steel building into something that every passerby will envy, then you need to take a close look at the following tips.

Tip 1) Hang curtains

Whether a metal building is being used to store items in or live in, the windows in it need to look as if somebody is living in it. In doing this, this will will help to deter intruders. Also, hanging curtains proves to be a great way to maximize the curb appeal of any metal building. Best of all, hanging curtains doesn’t take a ton of money, neither does it take the experience or skill of a professional interior designer. For people who have a metal shed close to their home, it is usually best to decorate the shed with the same style of curtain that is being used in the home; this will provide a complementing look.

Tip 2) Paint the front door

Almost all metal buildings will have some type of front door. To make sure the visual appeal of the sheds are optimized, it will prove valuable to paint the doors of such sheds the same colors as the homes in which they are standing close to. For example, if the front door color of a home is beige and it has a close-by metal shed, the door on the front of the shed should be painted beige as well.

Tip 3) Plant flowers

Another great way to optimize the appearance of any steel building is to plant flowers around it. From chrysanthemums to daisies to hydrangeas to small shrubs, planting flowers can do a lot to the overall looks of metal buildings.

Tip 4) Hang sheet rock

To spruce up the appearance of any metal building, it will be helpful to hang sheet rock on the inside. In doing this, a person can turn any metal building into a nice living space or man-cave. For those who don’t want to hang sheet rock, paneling can be just as beneficial. Just remember that no matter what is hung, to put insulation in the walls as this will help to heat and cool the building.

Metal buildings can be built on almost any type of property. From using them to store motorcycles in to living in them, they prove to have a wide range of uses. When it comes to making them look good, there are many things that homeowners can do. The most important thing to keep in mind is that metal buildings can have lots of flowers planted around them, making them look appealing to any passerby.


Choose Steel For Your Community Recreational Needs

As construction costs increase, more people are looking for more efficient ways to create buildings for a variety of community needs. Recreational steel buildings are the perfect solution for communities that have experienced rapid growth and a large increase in residents and require additional space to fill their needs.

Advantages of Steel Construction for Recreational Facilities
Steel structures can be designed to accommodate almost any type of activity at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. Tough materials and low cost make them a smart choice for housing recreational activities. Steel structures are also attractive and look much like other structures in the community. Additional materials such as brick, stone or stucco can be added to the exterior surface to provide any appearance you need. Steel buildings can be designed in various configurations and can even be re-conformed with changing needs. In addition, steel buildings are easy to maintain and don’t require high annual maintenance costs. These building produce the greatest value for any community that wants to expand their services to the public without the high cost of building and maintaining traditional type buildings. Consider the many ways recreational steel structures can be used in your community.

Steel structures are a natural choice for gymnasiums where large amounts of space are required. The lower construction costs allow communities to provide the best facilities for the education budget. Steel gymnasiums can provide the higher upper space needed for many different types of activities. They can also be subdivided for a variety of needs.

Sports Arenas
Many areas of the country enjoy a variety of sports but don’t have the funds to support construction of large sports arenas. Recreational steel construction can offer the perfect solution because they are lower in cost than traditional construction processes and can be constructed in a variety of configurations to suit specific needs. Steel facilities can be large, well lighted and airy, helping to contribute to the experience of both the participants and the spectators. Arenas can be built to seat large numbers of people and can provide a comfortable place for sports enthusiasts to meet and enjoy their favorite sport.

Skating Rinks
Steel construction is a good choice for skating rinks because they are inexpensive construction that can easily be added to any school or community property. For ice hockey teams, figure skating classes, curling and family ice rinks events, steel structures provide a low-cost option that can include space for lobbies, rental area, concessions and special activities. A steel construction ice-skating rink can provide economical family entertainment for communities throughout the year with a low investment and low maintenance costs.

Mixed-Use Facilities
Steel structures can also be constructed in many configurations that provide for multiple uses, such as for batting cages, practice rooms, party rooms and changing areas. Steel construction allows for the flexibility and affordability that communities’ need for the changing requirements of their residents. If your community is beginning to outgrow its present facilities, consider how steel can be used to expand your community’s recreational capabilities.


Why Steel is Used as a Building Material

Steel is used as a building material because steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any residential building material, and it is one of the least expensive construction materials. Properly treated steel building materials offer consistent material quality. The strength and quality of steel is responsible to make buildings safer. It provides buildings protection against adverse weather conditions such as tornadoes and earthquakes. Steel building materials require less maintenance, and steel materials are slower to age. Steel and steel framed structures may be finished with wood, brick, stone or a number of other materials of your choosing.

Steel Building Materials Provide Safety
Steel is a non-combustible, fire resistant building material that will not burn. Even if a steel or steel framed building was to catch fire from other materials in or attached to it, the steel will not assist in fueling the fire. This is contrast to wood buildings where wooden studs, rafters and beams could assist in energizing a fire. The strength of steel provides for it to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other vicious rain and windstorms. Steel buildings can be constructed to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications. Steel also protects against lighting strikes because the material naturally conducts electricity downwards to the ground.

Steel Materials Require Less Maintenance
Steel framing and steel buildings have been designed as practical alternatives to conventional wood buildings. There are no special foundation requirements for steel framed buildings. Structures may be constructed on a slab, pier and beam, piling, or basement foundation just as wood structures are. Unlike wood, steel is not susceptible to decay, mold, mildew or any other type of fungi. Steel building materials will not crack, rot, shrink, splinter, creep, split, warp, swell, or rust. Steel is not susceptible to wood rot, termites or carpenter ants. Steel does not expand and contract or otherwise twist due to weather conditions and moisture.

Steel Building Materials are Slow to Age
Unlike the organic nature of wood, steel building products are processed materials that are designed and engineered in accordance with national standards for strength and consistency. Steel building products are designed to be consistently straight and uniform. They will not bow, shrink or swell from the original position. This ensures that the walls of buildings will be straight and strong. The strength of steel and its resistance to the types of failure inherent to wood building products offers the benefit of eliminating instances of wall board cracks, nail pops, squeaky uneven floors, wavy walls, sagging roof lines and jammed uneven doors or windows.

Unlike wood, which degrades biologically from decay and termites, the most common form of material degradation for steel building materials is corrosion. In the presence of oxygen and water, an electrochemical reaction will cause steel to rust and corrode. However, there are ways to prevent steel from coming in contact with water and moisture. Properly coated steel building materials and materials that are protected by a viable building envelope can be protected such that they will resist rust and corrosion.


The Pros and Cons of Steel As A Building Material

Over the past couple of decades, as steel has become more available through local home improvement centers and contractor supply companies, its use as a framing material for both interiors and exteriors has taken off.

Here are some of the best reasons to use or not use steel in your next project:

Pro: Function follows Form: If you have ever got into a wrestling match with a hardwood floor while using 3/4″ hardwood or have written 10 percent of your wood studs off in advance because you know that you might have that many that are too bent or crooked to use on a project, steel-fabricated studs may be the answer. Not only is each stud perfectly straight, they are also available in configurations that allow them to work on uneven floors when you are using them as interior studs. All of these end up saving you a lot of time when you are building.

Con: Steel-Fabricated Building Materials are Expensive: Steel prices fluctuate just as much as wood prices do. There was even a time in the recent past when the cost of going with either option became close to the same. On average, however, when you opt to construct something using steel-fabricated materials, you are going to end up paying more for the material.

Pro: Steel-Fabricated Materials Can Be Used More Than Once: Already known as being excellent for temporary structures, one of the hidden values of constructing permanent structures using steel-fabricated studs is that if you want to change your home’s interior, you merely need to take the drywall off the studs before removing the studs. You can then re-use the studs as if they were new. That wouldn’t be the case if you were using wood studs and were remodeling a home that was 10 or 20 years old. Of course, either way, if the wall is load-bearing, you will have a couple more steps to follow before you start removing studs.

Con: Using Steel-Fabricated Studs on the Exterior is Less Energy-Efficient: Actually, this is true if you are comparing it to a brick or concrete block structure. The key thing to remember, however, with steel-fabricated exterior studs, is that there is exterior insulation that is available that can be applied when you are doing the home’s exterior finish work. If you incorporate that into your building practices, you should end up with a more energy-efficient home.

Pro: You Can Save Your Heavy-Lifting For the Gym: Steel-fabricated studs tend to weigh less than their wood counterparts, making it easier to tote them around the work site and put them in place. It can also make it less expensive to transport them compared to brick or block or wood.

Pro: Man-made Means We Put That Feature in There For You: Have you ever framed a wood room- and then satisfied with your work realized that you had hours of work ahead of you drilling holes in the studs so that you could accommodate all of the electrical and internet cabling that your client wanted run? With steel-fabricated studs, the holes are are already there. You put them up and then can start running cable right away.


Easier Ways to Build a Garden Shed

Construction of an outdoor storage or garden shed will provide home and property owners with a more convenient way to store their lawn care equipment and the other outdoor items and possessions that may prove vulnerable to the elements. Lacking ample storage space in your garage or being forced to make use of a storage option that is not close at hand can be a source of considerable inconvenience. Stand-alone structures that have been designed for quick and easy installation provide a cost-effective and versatile solution for those who may be seeking to expand their storage space through a more versatile solution.

Pre-built and Easy to Assemble Structures

The time, energy and know-how needed to create a stand-alone shed or other outdoor storage building may not always be available to every property owner. With the low cost of purchase and more convenient installation and construction options that can give you access to a range of designs, plans and structures, an easier way to meet your needs may be enjoyed. The relative low-cost of purchase coupled with the ease of installation or construction need to make use of such a structure makes it an ideal storage solution for any property owner.

Steel Buildings that are Made to Last

The greater weather resistance and all-around durability of a stand-alone steel structure ensures that maintenance and upkeep can be seen to with a minimum of effort and expense. Unlike wood and other construction materials that may not be able to stand up to the elements or that may begin to show signs of wear after only a few seasons, steel structures are designed to withstand even severe weather and climates without being damaged. Investing in the right structure will provide you with a shed that offers superior storage all year long.

The Cost Advantage

Freeing up the more valuable square footage that you may already be using to house your yard tools and equipment can often be done for much less than you might expect to pay. Taking advantage of the most affordable and cost-effective kits and prefabricated structures will ensure that meeting your storage needs can be done without putting excess strain on your budget or finances. With a full range of options and designs available, property owners should have no trouble finding a shed or outdoor storage building that will be better suited to their environment and needs.

Investing in a Superior Storage Solution

Whether you are seeking to protect expensive equipment like a riding mower or other powered machine or just in need of a simple place to keep your hand tools and supplies safe from the elements, steel garden sheds can provide an easy and affordable solution to meet almost any need. The flexibility, ease of maintenance and superior durability that can be found in a prefabricated or do-it-yourself assembly kit will allow even property owners who have no construction experience to install or create a garden shed. Outdoor storage that has more to offer could be easier to arrange than you might have expected.


Build Your Own Steel Workshop

Having access to a dedicated workshop area can be a crucial concern for a range of hobbies and projects. With garage space often being at a premium due to vehicle and item storage, stand alone steel buildings can offer a more versatile solution for those who are seeking to create a dedicated working environment. The low cost, flexibility and superior all-weather durability makes steel structures an optimum solution for home and business owners who may be seeking a more affordable way to expand their interior working space or to create a more functional environment.

Affordable Structures to Fit Any Budget

For property owners working on a more fixed or limited budget, a steel structure that can be purchased and installed with a minimum of expense can often provide the perfect solution. With a full range of affordable structures to choose from, finding one that will better fit your needs can often be done without breaking the bank. Freeing your garage or other interior environment for use in a wider range of ways while still ensuring you will not lack for a functional and effective work space could be a much greater challenge for those who lack access to the best selection of resources.

Steel Offers Low Maintenance and Superior Durability

Less substantial construction materials may force you to spend much greater effort and expense when it comes to maintaining your exterior workshop. Materials that are less suited to dealing with seasonal weather conditions and environmental stress could prove to be a costly and inconvenient solution when it comes to procuring the best workshop space or stand alone storage environment. Investing in a building that can offer superior durability will minimize the efforts needed to upkeep and maintain it wile ensuring that you are able to benefit from a more flexible solution.

Steel Buildings Offer Superior Flexibility

From simple outdoor sheds to a stand alone workshop area that will give you the space needed to tackle a range of projects and activities, steel structures offer a more flexible solution for property owners who are seeking to make the most out of their available space. Quick and easy installation and construction combined with the longevity that only steel is able to provide makes these buildings the perfect choice for those who may be considering adding a workshop space or environment to their residential or commercial property.

Investing in the Best

The creation or addition of a dedicated workshop can provide property owners with the space and opportunity needed to work in greater comfort. Steel buildings that have been designed to provide easy installation, greater all-weather durability and the comfort and space needed to create your workshop offer a flexible option for those who may find themselves with a more limited amount of indoor space in their home or business. Investing in the best stand-alone building options can offer a flexible and cost effective solution for anyone who may find themselves seeking the means to create a superior home or professional workshop that will better meet their needs.