Choose Steel For Your Community Recreational Needs

As construction costs increase, more people are looking for more efficient ways to create buildings for a variety of community needs. Recreational steel buildings are the perfect solution for communities that have experienced rapid growth and a large increase in residents and require additional space to fill their needs.

Advantages of Steel Construction for Recreational Facilities
Steel structures can be designed to accommodate almost any type of activity at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. Tough materials and low cost make them a smart choice for housing recreational activities. Steel structures are also attractive and look much like other structures in the community. Additional materials such as brick, stone or stucco can be added to the exterior surface to provide any appearance you need. Steel buildings can be designed in various configurations and can even be re-conformed with changing needs. In addition, steel buildings are easy to maintain and don’t require high annual maintenance costs. These building produce the greatest value for any community that wants to expand their services to the public without the high cost of building and maintaining traditional type buildings. Consider the many ways recreational steel structures can be used in your community.

Steel structures are a natural choice for gymnasiums where large amounts of space are required. The lower construction costs allow communities to provide the best facilities for the education budget. Steel gymnasiums can provide the higher upper space needed for many different types of activities. They can also be subdivided for a variety of needs.

Sports Arenas
Many areas of the country enjoy a variety of sports but don’t have the funds to support construction of large sports arenas. Recreational steel construction can offer the perfect solution because they are lower in cost than traditional construction processes and can be constructed in a variety of configurations to suit specific needs. Steel facilities can be large, well lighted and airy, helping to contribute to the experience of both the participants and the spectators. Arenas can be built to seat large numbers of people and can provide a comfortable place for sports enthusiasts to meet and enjoy their favorite sport.

Skating Rinks
Steel construction is a good choice for skating rinks because they are inexpensive construction that can easily be added to any school or community property. For ice hockey teams, figure skating classes, curling and family ice rinks events, steel structures provide a low-cost option that can include space for lobbies, rental area, concessions and special activities. A steel construction ice-skating rink can provide economical family entertainment for communities throughout the year with a low investment and low maintenance costs.

Mixed-Use Facilities
Steel structures can also be constructed in many configurations that provide for multiple uses, such as for batting cages, practice rooms, party rooms and changing areas. Steel construction allows for the flexibility and affordability that communities’ need for the changing requirements of their residents. If your community is beginning to outgrow its present facilities, consider how steel can be used to expand your community’s recreational capabilities.


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