Commercial Benefits

At Future Buildings we have designed commercial steel buildings for many different projects, including warehouses, factories, aircraft hangers, schools and vehicle shelters. All our commercial steel buildings are based on an arch design. We design a single arch to meet the customer specifications, and then simply manufacture enough to meet the desired length. Not only does this reduce costs during manufacturing, it also reduces construction and shipping costs due to the modular nature of the design. The arch design makes the structures exceedingly strong and extremely versatile.

All our buildings are made from the highly corrosion resistant Galvalume™ Plus steel. Galvalume™ is the alloy coating that Dofasco places onto our steel. This alloy is formed of a 55% mix of aluminum and 45% zinc. This unique alloy is then chemically bonded to the steel, resulting in a highly corrosive resistant product. The Galvalume coating gives our steel buildings at least twice the corrosion resistance of traditional galvanized steel. This means that your Future Buildings steel buildings will last twice as long with no increase in price.

Our engineers will walk you through the planning and design of your building. They will ensure the design meets building codes and our factory will manufacture your building to the exact specifications. Our engineers will be at hand every step of the way, from initial concept to completion. Technical support is available throughout the install process. If your project demands require a building that can be delivered and easily constructed in a remote location, designed and engineered within weeks, and easily dismantled if necessary, our project team can help you to bring your project on time and within budget. Our expertise is being able to work quickly, efficiently and to deliver custom steel building projects.

Because all Future Buildings steel buildings are made from the most high quality steel that exists in the global market, we can offer our customers the best warranty in the business, a 30 year rust perforation warranty. From small garages right through to 130 foot wide industrial warehouses, hangars and commercial structures, Future Building’s engineers have assisted hundreds of consumers in expanding and improving their businesses.

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