Five reasons to fall in love with building a steel garage

Wooden structures dot the landscape of our fair country. Houses generally have wooden frames with everything else built on top. I’m of the opinion that steel structures are better for everyday use. Most people can’t rebuild their house with a steel frame, but they can when putting up a new garage. The problem is that many don’t understand why anyone would build a steel structure next to a wooden house. Scouring twitter feeds has lead to some interesting ideas on why people should build a steel garage.

No Termites

Although any structure will have to deal with some kind of vermin, be it of the insect or human type, steel structures do not attracted termites. These little bugs are a pain to remove. Termites can be found all over the country so a steel garage would be effective almost anywhere in the USA.

Long Lasting

The fact is that metal lasts longer than wood. While wood structures around the world disintegrate in to nothing, metal structures withstand the test of time and stay upright. A steel garage is an investment that will probably last beyond your own mortality. Your kids will have a place to grow up and work. Your grandkids and great grandkids can come to understand you by visiting the structure. A steel garage can last for generations.

Weather Resistant

Weather that will knock over a wooden house will break against a steel garage. With so much inclement weather hitting the country, it is good to have a building that withstands the storms and rains. A steel garage can act not only as a great place to store a car and work on projects, but also to keep the family out of the storm if something happens to the house. A garage is a multipurpose building. A steel garage can help make that even more of a reality.

Easier to maintain

With the rotting of wood and disintegration of beams, it is hard to keep a house in tip top shape over the course of years. There is much to maintaining a house and keeping it stable over decades. A steel garage is mostly build it and forget it. The beams and structure are made to be low maintenance and last for years at a time.

Is a good DYI project

Most Steel Garages can be erected and put together on your own time. These kits will come the right instructions that will lead you step by step through the process. This construction project can be one built with friends and family, so the finished project can be a point of pride. The kids that helped build this will know what it is like to construct something with their own hands. As they grow older, this pride can be passed down to their own kids. A steel garage might just seem like a mere building to some. The reality is that it can be a memorial to the love and dedication of family and friends.


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